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10-week Online Class

Sol Journeys Online Adventure                                       

Starts again June 2nd, 2019

10 Sundays — 1.5 hour sessions 

Time: 9:00-10:30 PST  |  Price: $297.00

Do you need a “time out” for yourself?

A time to come together with a community of like souls?

This online course is an opportunity to discover the wisdom and power of what the 5 Elements hold for you. You learn more ways to provide self-care, more opportunities to let go and discover what keeps you from allowing more peace and balance into your everyday life!  You are supported in your process by way of the group energy that is felt as you connect in live via Zoom every week. This allows the support and energy of others to be with you along your journey.

Our journey begins again in the start of the summers delight. The place where we allow the clearing and openings to make way for more of you to Awaken! We spend two weeks on an individual element and take time to deepen into the understanding(s) of what our body is seeking in the realm of true nourishment.  We begin with the Element of Earth. The place to further our connection with self and dear Gaia, to build stability and strength for our journey inward. Over the weeks we make more space for our new seeds to take root, so we can re-emerge with a renewed hope and grace.

It’s a time to uncover aspects of our self that long to be free! These aspects that are now awakened so our real self can emerge with a sense of renewal and where new opportunities can come forth. As our time ends its really—a beginning of new awakenings that allow our heart to bring forth more Balance, Joy and Delight!

You will learn new tools and techniques that you will take with you on your journey. The group energy will assist you and provide you with opportunities to align with your brightest, best self — as we create more balance and peace in our systems. This course allows you your own experience in the privacy of your home and provides an open forum with a closed Facebook group to share your experiences and stories with one another.

Why the 5 ELEMENTS?

The five Skandas, which may be translated into English as the five heaps, or five aggregates, are the Five Elements that comprise the human being ... In fact, these are really five rivers flowing together in us:

   The river of form, which means our body, the river of mental formations, the river of feelings, the river of perceptions and the river of consciousness.

"They are always flowing within us … Arvalokit looked deeply into the five Skhandas … and discovered none of them can be by itself alone….Form is empty of a separate self, but it is full of everything else in the cosmos. The same is true with feelings, perceptions, mental formations, and consciousness.”  —Thich Nat Hanh, The Heart of Understanding

So in coming together with our online community, it will provide support and guidance to assist your rivers to flow with more ease and grace, both individually and collectively. You may want to consider reading my book prior to class, to deepen the understanding of yourself and the elements.  (more about the 5 Elements below)


Sol Journeys Upcoming Retreats

‘AWAKEN to Your Magnificence’

August 10th and 11th, 2019 -  Glen Ellen, Ca
September 14th and 15th - Martha’s Vineyard, MA
(no overnight accommodations)

Price: $495.00 

Awaken to your magnificent self for this 2-day adventure. A transformational journey to open, expand and experience a deeper connection to yourself.  A place to uncover more parts of yourself that are wanting to expand, while letting go of things that no longer serve you. Join us in finding some new ways to learn, heal and grow.

Summer - 2020

Ireland Week long journey

Price: $4,440.00

Arrival/Departure Shannon Airport- (Lodging and All Transportation while in Ireland provided)

Adventure to some of the sacred sites in Ireland on this mystical 7-day journey. We will experience the ancient energies and wisdom of the 5 elements while taking in the medicine of the Earth. We will travel to the mythical sacred center of Ireland known as Uisneach, home to some of the most ancient Gods and Goddess known in Ireland. We will also travel to Ireland’s wild west to the many ancestors of my home county in Mayo. All to reawaken parts of ourselves while in ceremony with our dear Gaia, in order to gather and transform places that are looking for ways to heal and grow. We will take part in the ancient folklore of the Emerald Isle’s mystery and magic during this spectacular sojourn


Middle School & High School


 — Middle School students

 — High School students

Daylong  |  Glen Ellen, CA

Time: 11am–3pm  |  Price: $ 99.00

Do you want to discover a way to recharge your system?

Are you feeling a bit shaky and off balance?

Are you wanting to clear out any drama from your past school year(s)?

Then come join us to take a time out to reconnect with yourself while being on and with the land. A place to unplug and disconnect from the noise of our everyday lives! You will find ways to reconnect with your inner strength without seeking for something or someone outside the self! 

You will journey alongside others that may be feeling the exact same way. All wanting to shed some of those layers that you no longer need!

You are provided opportunities to work with your breath, your body and some tools and techniques that can bring you to feel more of YOU! So you can then enjoy a summer with more joy and delight

Contact to set up and with any questions regarding age and group.

Why the 5 Elements?

Additional Information

I have been working with the 5 ELEMENTS for years, and have found the Elements to be a fascinating "key" to help unlock doors, that would have otherwise remained shut. See below to see if you can relate to any parts of yourself in these Elementals?

FIRE — The Heart/Sex/Circulation: Love/Joy element
Is your ignition switch in need of a reboot!
Do you have High BP? Heart pains? Do you have Headaches? Do you long for a deeper connection with self and others?

EARTH — The Stomach/Spleen: Relationship/Boundary element
It also has to do with your digestion. Do you suffer from GERD- acid indigestion?
Are you taking in more than you can chew? Are you missing that sweetness in life? Are you reacting to that certain someone in your life and can't figure out why?

METAL — The Lung/Large Intestine: Grief/Guilt/Regret element
Has there been a history of ongoing sadness, loss, and or regrets?
Do you suffer from Asthma, frequent colds, chronic cough or constipation?

WATER — The Kidney/Bladder: Fear/Anxiety element

Do you have trouble relaxing and finding an inner calmness?
 Are you having trouble finding and living a happier, more peaceful existence?

WOOD — The Gallbladder/Liver: Anger/Frustration element.
Do you find it difficult to let go of something?
Does this keep you from moving ahead?
Are you trying to FORGIVE but struggling to find a way?