Private Sessions (Skype or Zoom)

Private Intensives & 6-month program

Private Intensives & 6-month program

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I have worked with the full gamut of issues over the last 30 years related to physical, emotional and spiritual health. This along with family dynamics, self image and relationship issues which always include your family lineage.

I utilize a variety of tools & techniques during our time together and bring forth what is appropriate for you in the present moment. Each person, each session is unique to the soul on any given day. I work individually and in groups, either on the land or online. We now know energy reaches far beyond the 4-walls of an exam room, so working long distance is part of my practice. If I don't feel I would be able to assist you, I will let you know. If you are really looking for something to change and wanting to truly heal-  Schedule a 20 minute free consult  (button below) and let's see if we're a good match!   You can learn more about the tools and techniques I utilize under  "Regina & Testimonials".

 I work with people of all ages, and while working with children I have found that coming back into a home that shares the same language learned is necessary. So in order to help foster the changes you've discovered— I work at bringing families on board. As once the healing energy enters the home, it assists in balancing the entire family system. Just like the ripple in the pond, it can't help but trickle out. Change is natures evolution, just as its our evolution to change. 


Private Intensives & 6-month program

Private Intensives & 6-month program

Private Intensives & 6-month program

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I offer a 6-month program which includes 12 private sessions, and a group online 10-week class. This program also includes 2 land journeys. Either a 2 or 3-day group retreat and/or a private land intensive. If you wonder why after changing your diet and increasing your exercise routine your still having no lasting behavioral or physical changes. This program may be just what your looking for! 

It is designed to release patterns and holdings within your spiritual, emotional and physical body in order to create lasting and significant shifts to bring more joy and balance into your everyday life. 

Do you want to learn how to truly nourish yourself on the deepest level? 

 A commitment to your journey of self discovery and healing once you say YES to yourself, is when the healing truly begins.

I also offer one, two or three day intensives on the land with individuals. This as a way to work through areas of imbalance in your body, mind and spirit, which you may have been dealing with for a while. We bring in the color of your medicine you may be searching for throughout our time.  

The Earth and myself are your facilitator(s), which bring you back to the truth of who you really are! Each intensive includes 2- one hour follow up sessions to allow more time for integration after the work.

To learn more go to Sol Journey offerings below.

Online Class and Monthly Drop in Medi-Healing

Sol Journeys Private Intensives- Retreat Offerings

Sol Journeys Private Intensives- Retreat Offerings

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Online Class: A time to delve deeper into the 5 Elements over 10 weeks, while in the comfort of your own home. We deepen into  the wisdom and medicine of what the 5 Elements hold for us, in relation to your physical and emotional holdings. These places in us that leave us feeling separate from self, from source and others in your life. 

Monthly Medi-Healing:  A meditation/healing that meets on the first Sunday of every month. I will feel into the group as a whole while working with an individual theme from a specific element. We will start May 2nd in the Element of EARTH. 

The EARTH-An offering of compassion and nurturance. A place to begin clearing any soil or terrain that may not truly nourish us. It may be hidden in pockets of our lineage, that are weighing us down, creating an imbalance in our system- (The EARTH- Has to do with our stomach and/or digestion issues, relationship issues, emotions of worry- obsession, over extending, self-care issues).

The EARTH when in balance we understand what walking steady and balanced knowing we are always supported on her never ending compassionate foundation- A foundation that is always present, never waivers and provides for us- no matter what weather comes our way..

Each month we will work with an element while bringing in the healing-meditation specific for the energy of the group that gathers, on any given Sunday. A place to learn, heal and grow new and different each month. All is welcome!

What people are saying after the last Online Journey...

"My anxiety is so much less and I actually felt the group energy the entire time I was online"!

"I am so grateful for this class. I do not usually put myself first and I know the letting go, the inner focus, and the meditations all led me to make the right choice for myself" 

Well, this class blew me away!

"After doing a sol journey weekend retreat and private sessions with Regina, I was surprised at the effect and impact the online class has and is having on me. Given that it’s 'in my world and each week makes it more integrative … whereas I thought going into it would be opposite, or at least not as impactful. Bottom line, Regina is a wonder and a gift, and makes us all feel the same. After emerging from the Water element, I highly recommend taking the plunge."

"Understanding the many facets of each element has allowed me to find balance, meaning and ways to release".

"I loved this class!"

"I have so many ingrained beliefs about my physical body that I am finally in the process of recognizing that it's an old story. The work here has been so helpful on my path".

"After reading Reginas book, I wanted to go even deeper with this work. Amazingly this class has shown me how to truly take in and receive first, in order to give from a place of balance. I am learning more ways to continue releasing my many holdings". 

"I am actually breathing better"!

Sol Journeys Private Intensives- Retreat Offerings

Sol Journeys Private Intensives- Retreat Offerings

Sol Journeys Private Intensives- Retreat Offerings


A time and place to Re-fill, Renew and Replenish your mind, body, and spirit! Whether indoors or outside, individual or group(s) work— this forum allows you to delve deep into the mystery of your body’s wisdom.

We journey with the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire) as each of the elements hold a template of medicine that speaks to places deep within. These are all unique and individual to each of us. We discover ways to connect with the Earth’s healing resonance in order to bring you more fully ALIVE and present.  

Gaia assists’ in COMPOSTing us and AWAKENing us, to bring us into deeper connection with our selves, our spirits and others. 

When you learn to engage with your highest self, you are then able to connect with others and the natural world from a place of strength and delight. During a Sol Journey you will come to know how and what you need to let go of, in order to make room for your TRUE self to emerge.

Each Journey is unique to the individual or group. We come together in a ceremonial format always starting with the Earth element. This is to bring yourself into a deeper awareness of how to connect and ground into her unending support and nurturance as you deepen your connection to you and your body’s wisdom.  We make our way through the 5 Elements as a tool to discover parts of the self that are longing to be free and uninhibited. We traverse our bodies landscape by way of the Elements with tools and techniques alongside Gaia.  

A place to  Release, Let Go and Open to awaken your Wild Amazing SELF!

I utilize energy medicine, breath work, somatic release, movement, meditation and ceremony throughout the Journey.

If you would like Sol Journeys to bring one of our amazing programs to your area, please contact for more info. 

Join us to find new ways to LEARN, HEAL and GROW. 

  • Next scheduled Journey is April, 2020     (NorCal)  
  • Teen Day Long coming in May
  • Schedule a Sol Journey Retreat or Intensive in your area! Contact for details!