Regina Powers ~ Integrative Family Practitioner

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Regina Powers

I started out as a registered nurse in 1983, then went on to become a family nurse practitioner from UCSF in 1997. An advanced practice role where I worked primarily in emergency medicine and family practice. Over the last 20+ years I have worked in Integrative practices that incorporate energetics, functional medicine and the use of flower essences, nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies. My private practice brings various modalities into every session as they are all part of my toolkit! 

The human body attempts to embody our spirit, although we work so hard at avoiding our spirits, which prevents us from living a full and happy life. Your body is our guide during your session which allows us the knowledge of where your spirit is wanting to heal. If we contain any part of our emotional, physical or spiritual system by way of illness, trauma, emotional unrest and or our family lineage, we never truly find internal peace and balance. 

Assisting you to find balance and internal peace is my intention while working with you. If you are looking to live with more joy and love in your everyday life, this is the place for you!


Integrative Nurse Practitioner

I have been blending both eastern and western medicine into my practice for over 20 years. I begin where your body (emotional/physical) is speaking to you in the present moment of time. We begin getting by ensuring that your drainage system is open and moving so you can begin the letting go process. Then we can bring forth deeper healing tools. Our foundation needs to be solid, strong and clear in order to truly live and move through life in a healthy balanced way. Then we move into your restoration  and repair program.  This is where I utilize homeopathic and Immune modulators and anything else that your body, mind and spirit call for in order to clean up your matrix. The matrix is all part of the interchange we have constantly going on in our systems. By opening and cleaning up your detox pathways and any underlying infections (emotional, physical or spiritual) that may have been hidden usually come to the surface during our time.  

Our system carrys our pain and if not healed on all levels- the event, trauma and pain we carry will stay buried until our physical body is to tired to fight. Our physical structure holds on and becomes part of our normal aches and pains. Then overtime they revert into imbalances by way of illness and disease. Food is part of our medicine and always assist to bring our body, mind and spirit back into a balanced state. 

If your are ready to truly heal please reach out. I will assist you throughout your journey. I have been known as a "great detective" by many and would love to put my cap on for you.  If your body wants to breath in a life to be lived inside and out. Reach out and we'll see....

If your in the Northern CA area you can find me at the Institute for Health and Healing in Santa Rosa, CA. I see clients Tues, Wed and Fridays.

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Energy Medicine Therapist & Guide

I became a Reiki master in early 2000, then completed Touch for Health training with Dr John Thie. I then went on to graduate from a 4-year energy medicine program, the Barbara Brennan School of healing. A program that required us to go on our own healing journey, as a way to bring forth our innate gifts and be able to assist others.  When one fully accesses their unique abilities, like myself as a healer, you can then provide others the access into their own unique abilities. 

Energy medicine is an art form and an instrument that allows me to navigate ones body (emotional and physical) and spirit. This in order to uncover the imbalances that keep us separated or avoid from spirit. 

Remember the "energy" field of the body is the first place illness manifests, before it makes its way into the physical. This is also true about manifesting anything else you desire in life. 

So if you're looking to bring in more love, peace and joy at this moment in time - this is also something we can explore during your session as well:) All part of the discovery at bringing more balance back into your system. Of course utilizing western medicine as indicated, as I have studied and practice them both.

I have also studied various wilderness trainings, that incorporated somatic body centered work, while being on and with the land. One program ended with a week-long vision quest that brought me into the larger piece of my connection to dear Gaia and the medicine she holds. 

Learning about my connection to Gaia is in part my gift, which allows the felt sense of another persons body accessible to me no matter the distance. I found I can assist others near or far allowing them to come into deeper contact with themselves, in turn provides them a key to open up their own energy system to release and transform. 

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Cranial Sacral Therapist — Touch for Health Practitioner

As a Cranial Sacral therapist (CST) I certified through the Upledger Institute which provided me with more tools and techniques to work with the energetics of the body, to work with both adults and pediatrics. CST works to open up the cranial system and can assist with symptom relief- examples but not limited to headaches, back-pain, emotional releases, TMJ. CST along side Touch for health (TFH) which is also a technique to open and balance the body which incorporates the muscles and the various places we hold, along with the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine.



RETREATS - PRIVATE Sessions & Intensives

RETREATS - PRIVATE Sessions & Intensives

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"My anxiety is so much less and I actually felt the group energy the entire time I was online"!

"I loved this class!"

"After doing a sol journey weekend retreat and private sessions with Regina, I was surprised at the effect and impact the online class has and is having on me. Given that it’s “in my world” and each week makes it more integrative … whereas I thought going into it would be opposite, or at least not as impactful. Bottom line, Regina is a wonder and a gift, and makes us all feel the same. After emerging from the Water element, I highly recommend taking the plunge".

"The class blew me away".

"I have to be honest, normally I do not take online classes, as I feel they are impersonal. I only knew I loved the book and wanted to learn more. I didn't know how powerful it would be. Connecting with Regina and the others more than worked! What transpired and came up was amazing. I felt supported and safe by Regina and highly recommend this class!"

"I am so grateful for this class. I do not usually put myself first and I know the letting go, the inner focus, and the meditations all led me to make the right choice for myself" 

"Understanding the many facets of each element has allowed me to find balance, meaning and ways to release".

"I am actually breathing better"! 

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"I took Regina's class at the suggestion of a friend. I will be forever grateful for being introduced to Regina, who is insightful, intelligent, and compassionate. I would highly recommend embarking on this journey of self Discovery that got me digging back into my core for more learning and healing. I can't wait to work with Regina again. She offers a wealth of information she has absorbed over her own journey and she shares it freely and sweetly."

RETREATS - PRIVATE Sessions & Intensives

RETREATS - PRIVATE Sessions & Intensives

RETREATS - PRIVATE Sessions & Intensives

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"Thank you so much for facilitating what I feel was a life changing experience"

"This 3 day retreat was an incredible experience. It is hard to put into words what happens, it is a chance to be fully present with yourself, to be vulnerable with others and feel such love."

"This journey gave me a glimpse of what it truly means to be alive!"

"It really moved me in unexpected ways!"

“Coming into this journey hoping to find out why I was struggling so inside, not knowing what to expect, but knowing and trusting Regina… I turned a corner. I was able to break through a huge wall and open a new door."

"This retreat was amazing!"

"All in all, it is a gift to be able to find a healer of Regina's caliber a practitioner who can navigate the physical, energetic and emotional meanings of each persons unique situation, translate the information and weave the many tiers of wounding back to a state of flow and grace"

"The moment I met Regina I knew she had special gift. The healing work I have done with her has helped me to get off all prescription medications, sleep better than I have in years, handle daily stress with more awareness and live a mentally and physically healthier life. "

"I went into Regina's office thinking I would have a check-up and left feeling as if something almost miraculous had occurred."

"Wow-She was incredible"


RETREATS - PRIVATE Sessions & Intensives


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"Universal Truths Guide Book"

"Thank you Regina for putting words on to paper and creating a piece of work, that to me is now a coveted composite of useful and helpful information to forever visit and gobble up when I need it!"


"This book gives a beautiful breakdown of the TCM 5 elements of healing. I loved how the author left me w immediate ways I could apply this healing modality into my everyday life."

"Powerfully Nurturing!"

"We need books like this now!"

"This book is a must read. Its so engaging, couldn't stop reading it."

"For me on my own journey the insights are quite profound. Ms. Powers is able to bring us along her journey while applying the 5 elements to our physical bodies. She uses examples to illustrate her findings and also gives us methods that can be put into practice long after we’ve finished the book. I’ve always been a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy. Ms. Powers has shown me that it is all so much bigger, that the connections are there once you’ve tapped in. If you are on your personal journey at whatever stage of life you find yourself in, this book gives you tools and possibilities for one’s overall physical, mental and spiritual health.  Read this. I did and I am better for it and anxious for more. Bravo, Ms. Powers…"

(read more reviews on Amazon!)