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~ Powers Publishing House was opened as part of my own journey of awakening, a coming home to myself, whole. "What Color is Your Medicine?" came through as I entered into "the arena" of my own life. A recipe I took from Brene' Brown's- "The Call to Courage".  My taking ownership of my souls evolution to this point meant me having the courage to share with others how I see a way of bringing others home to their body, mind and spirit. This had me open and "publish" the book without giving away any part of myself, or the book. A writing that has meant to bring all of me in and owning all parts of myself.  

~My intent is to continue to write and add more books to the shelves of Powers Publishing House. A place to bring other writers who are called to enter "the arena" of their own life. A place they can bring their gift forward to assist others along the way. 

A place to align to your highest truth. A place to bring together Our World so we can discover ways to find more peace and harmony inside and out. We are all looking to find our way home, whole. I intend for Powers Publishing House to be a spot you can come to find a little piece of your puzzle on your journey home.

  •  Undivided, in unity for the sake of the WHOLE. If this feels in right resonance, reach out and connect —ALL ARE WELCOME! 

Blessings and balance,


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Regina is a western trained family nurse practitioner who has worked in both emergency medicine and family practice. When stumbling upon the teachings of the Five Elements of Chinese medicine (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire) everything related to how she saw, and treated people began to shift. 

Then came the study of energy medicine which again opened her eyes to the various understandings of how to prevent and avoid illness. If a person tunes into the messages in their body, one can begin to find avenues of healing that may not have otherwise been possible. Regina always looks at the larger picture of a person, so incorporating the physical, emotional and spiritual body is when she understood what the true art of healing really meant. When our heart and soul are able to find peace and balance along our way, we can then find ways to get through even some of the most turbulent times. 

What Color is Your Medicineis a book that came into form after Regina lost everything in a Fire. It turned out that Fire was the element or catalyst that she needed to write. Regina’s own healing journey, along with cases and experiences of others for whom she has cared, are shared throughout the book by way of the Five Elements. The elements weave through our physical and emotional bodies which help us uncover the places of imbalance, in order to find our way home; home to our spirit. What Color is Your Medicine also offers recommendations to take along on our own healing journey, to assist in whatever color medicine you may be dealing with at this time in your life.

  • Published by: Powers Publishing House, LLC  |  
  • Copyright @ 2018 by Regina Powers  | 
  • First Edition, Sept 2018 
  • ISBN: 97817321955