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What Color of Your Medicine book cover

The 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine

EARTH  🌏 Discovering self compassion & self-care

METAL 🌟 When our breath flows, our spirit glows 

WATER 💦 Learn to discover an inner peace, in the midst of chaos

WOOD 🌳 Aligning our inner strength, brings more direction and focus

FIRE 🔥 Igniting our internal flame, sets our heart and soul on fire 

 I am a western trained family practitioner who found my way to the teachings of the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine. Then came the study of energy medicine which again opened my eyes to the various understandings of how to prevent and avoid illness.

I have always looked at the broader canvas of a person, which includes ones mind, body, spirit and ancestry. Incorporating the physical, emotional/mental and spiritual body is when I understood what the true art of healing really meant.  When our heart and soul are able to find peace and balance along the way, we can then find ways to get through even some of the most turbulent times. 

  I lost everything in a fire while living in Northern California. Fire was the element or catalyst I needed to write. This book shares my own healing journey, along with cases and experiences of others for whom I have cared. All the stories are shared utilizing the wisdom and medicine of the 5 Elements.

  If you are looking for ways to heal, I would invite you to come along to discover where in your mind, body and or spirit that are looking to uncover the color of your own medicine. If you are wanting to attain optimum health while being connected with the 5 Elements so richly abundant on our Earth and in our bodies, this is the book for you! 

Published by: Powers Publishing House, LLC  |  Copyright @ 2018 by Regina Powers  |  First Edition, Sept 2018
ISBN: 97817321955


Universal Truths Guide Book

This book has so much material packed within the pages that I’m reading it again! Almost like it has layers. It’s an easy and engaging read with examples of Regina’s amazing experiences that I couldn’t put it down. This second read is teaching me more. I’m finding that I can use it for clues and answers into my own life for healing. It has become a personal guide book for my growth and discovery into life’s secrets. It should be a guide book for every western medicine practitioner to see the whole person. I gave my niece a copy to take with her on her medical journey.

Shared stories and advice worth listening to 

I'm sure I will be listening to this many times over. Regina's voice is calming and pleasant to listen to. Her stories are not only interesting, well said and easy to envision and empathize with, but also help create a better understanding of how the 5 elements influence my own health, allowing me to "self diagnose" some of my balances and imbalances within myself. I look forward to applying her recommendations given at the end of the book and carry on with a happier and healthier life ahead.